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Hi everyone!

I’m Gazelle and I’m a Cam girl, model, and professional cutie, here for your entertainment!
No really, that’s my job! *wink*
I’ve got an affinity for anything cute and sexy, so I decided;

Why not base my job around those two things?

and Gazelle Galaxy was born!

Lingerie, Bondage, role play, domme/degradation, fetish catering, Pet play, Age play, it’s all fun and games- for a price of course.

I’m open to requests for SFW photos for nonmembers (fully clothed, Implied nudity), and NSFW photos for members (partial nudity, full nudity)

I’m just a cute little fairy princess waiting for you to come and join in the fun;
So come and play! 😉

got a question? Read this first!

“Camming is fun and all but my stuffies judge me the whole time- I can feel it in their eyes..
I think fetish photos are the most fun when I can tease someone in the room..
I don’t believe selfies are modeling photos but nudes are still sooooo fun” ~ Gazelle Galaxy


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